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HydroDive is one of the leading oil and gas offshore services companies operating in Nigeria and the West Africa region. We specialize in providing diving, vessel leasing, sub-sea and construction support, as well as maintenance and repair of offshore facilities. Our client roster is represented by many of the leading international oil and gas companies.

HydroDive currently owns and operates a fleet of seven vessels, comprised of four 4-point mooring vessels, two DPII vessels and one Offshore Surface Air Diving Intervention Vessel. Other HydroDive assets include saturation diving systems, air diving equipment, and a variety of operating plant and equipment to service the many varied project needs of our clients.

With our existing relationships and broad marine asset base, HydroDive is an established major player in West Africa with a well-recognized reputation for timely and efficient execution. We strive to be flexible and creative, able to identify and apply the right resources that will contribute to providing cost-effective solutions to clients.

We understand that in today’s working climate, safe performance has to carry the very highest priority in undertaking projects. We maintain a functional safety program and emergency response procedure. Management is fully committed to safety awareness as a fundamental contributor to growth and success.

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